Los Angeles Local Tennis Players – Find Partners to Rally and Match Play – 100% free

Join local payers to play your favorite game of tennis! If you are an NTRP (2.5 to 4.5) player and want to find partners to rally or play singles or doubles matches, join our Discord group to find other tennis players. (Discord is a mobile chatting app on iPhone or Android phones)

Malinka @ Balboa Park
Austin @ Kona, Hawaii
Yokota visiting from Japan
Tim @ McLaren Park

Below is a screenshot of the Slack group organized by playing levels. The group is organized by NTRP Levels #3-0-find-hitting-partners, #3-5-find-hitting-partners, #4-0-find-hitting-partners, #4-5-find-hitting-partners.. etc

Joining our Slack channel to find other players!

  1. Read our terms of service, only those 18 years and older should join.
  2. Join our Discord group to find active partners to play matches or just rally.
  3. We recommend you use the Discord apps for Android and iOS
  4. Once you join Discord, there is a Google Doc to put down your level, favorite courts, and time.
    1. You can contact Tony to help you pair up for singles or doubles or just to rally.
    2. Please only join the Slack channel if you are serious about playing, we don’t want to just talk about playing tennis, we want to get on the courts and play!

About Tony

Hi, my name is Tony Tam. I am the organizer for 70+ people to play badminton on https://sfbadminton.org During COVID-19, my badminton partner and I played a lot of tennis and fell in love with the game. It’s very hard to find others to play tennis in San Francisco who are roughly at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 level. Hence this site connects people to play tennis, without paying any money. If you love Pickleball as well, check out Pickleball for Tennis Players

Ratings NTRP or UTR

Use this chart as a reference of NTRP or UTR ratings.